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Cleantech Estonia is a cluster for early-stage cleantech startups that provides incubation, acceleration, and connections to investors, partners, and the public sector.

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The story of Cleantech in and from Estonia


Cleantech Estonia supports and empowers early-stage cleantech startups in Estonia and Europe. Through policy development, awareness-raising, and high-quality accelerator programs, we aim to catalyze the transition towards a green economy, promote environmental entrepreneurship, and collaborate with local municipalities and governments. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future by providing the guidance and resources necessary to scale innovative solutions and build a supportive network of stakeholders.


Cleantech Estonia envisions a future where environmental sustainability is at the forefront of all business and policy decisions. Through our support for early-stage cleantech startups, policy development, and stakeholder collaboration, we are working towards a green economy that benefits both people and the planet. We believe that by promoting environmental entrepreneurship and innovation, we can create a better future for all.



Cleantech Estonia aims to empower entrepreneurs and innovators to develop their ideas into great businesses that have a positive impact on society and the environment.


Cleantech Estonia values collaboration and works closely with other organizations, governments, and investors to support the development of the cleantech sector.


As an organization focused on cleantech, Cleantech Estonia places a high value on sustainability and aims to promote sustainable practices and solutions.


Cleantech Estonia values innovation and supports the development of new technologies and ideas that can help address environmental challenges.


Cleantech Estonia is driven by a desire to have a positive impact on the world by supporting the development of new businesses and technologies that can help create a more sustainable future.

Our awesome team members!

Erki Ani


Indrek Kelder

Co-Founder & CFO

Kadri Piho

Project Manager

Katerina Chantzi


Heili Hiis

Executive Assistant

Hanna Ess

Marketing & Communication Assistant

Karl-Joosep Pärtel

Partnerships & Startups

Triin Viilvere

Marketing Manager