Ari Care: we simply don't ship water

May 16, 2023

The world’s biggest green ideas competition ClimateLaunchpad has nurtured climate-friendly startups for already a decade. As we celebrate this milestone achievement, we are proud to showcase one of Estonia’s very own success stories that emerged from last year’s program.

Have you ever wondered how much water is in your favorite shower gel or liquid soap? A whopping 95%. Not only does this result in excessive single-use plastic packaging, but it also leads to high shipping volume and weight, generating additional CO2 emissions during transport.

ClimateLaunchpad 2022 alumni Ari Care has a simple yet effective solution to the problem: why not skip the water and create fully sustainable, organic powder-based formulas instead?

Following the creation of their first hand wash formula by Tallinn University scientists, Ari Care has won Prototron Green Batch 2022 and the Next Big Thing category in the ClimateLaunchpad European finals by making it to the top 8 in the competition. In addition, Cleantech Estonia chose Ari Care as their 2022 Startup of the Year. Today, they are raising their seed round of €550,000, with €134,000 raised.

ClimateLaunchpad played an essential role at the beginning of Ari Care’s journey.

ClimateLaunchpad was truly our launchpad to the world of cleantech. We met many other great startups throughout the program and constantly improved our idea and pitch during the well-structured program,” says Merilyn Kesküla, CEO of Ari Care.

She adds, “Cleantech Estonia has been an amazing hand holder for us. We can call everyone in Cleantech Estonia a friend, not just a business contact or mentor. We started with little experience, connections, or know-how in cleantech or the local startup ecosystem, and Cleantech Estonia has provided a supportive nest to grow up in. They truly have such a bespoke connection with everyone, and I know I can always reach out with any question or support request.

Merilyn Kesküla pitching in the ClimateLaunchpad Estonian Finals during the Tallinn Urban Space Festival "Tulevik on täna/v" in 2022

Kelly and Arvo Antropov, the founders of Ari Care, got the inspiration for their game-changing idea from sitting in a traffic jam. Kelly noticed a convoy of trucks carrying various personal care products. She decided to look into why these products are so transport-heavy and was surprised to find out that most of the weight comes from just water. And just like that, the seed of an idea was planted.

Ari Care is a fantastic example of how innovation can help reduce our carbon footprint while providing quality products we need on a daily basis. 

Do you have a green idea that has the potential to revolutionize how we live, buy, or interact? Apply to ClimateLaunchpad 2023 by May 26.

With three days of intensive training, three months of mentoring, prizes, and a chance to compete globally, the program offers aspiring entrepreneurs the perfect platform to launch their green business ideas. Who knows? Your idea could be our next success story!

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