ClimateLaunchpad 2022 kicked off with a boot camp

July 7, 2022

This year's ClimateLaunchpad kicked off on the 17th of June with an intensive Boot Camp.

Throughout the 3-day business Boot Camp, all of the teams received guidance from Ron Bloemers, founder and managing partner at Start-U-up. Bloemers has been our coach since the first ClimateLaunchpad held in Estonia in 2015 and he has helped various Estonian teams make their idea into reality. With his support, the participants worked through 8 modules in which market segmentation, customer value proposition, climate impact, and more topics were discussed. The event was organized by Katerina Chantzi, Project Manager of Cleantech Estonia.

We had 26 climate-smart participants from 13 different early-stage cleantech start-ups working hard all weekend to tackle climate change.

ARI CARE is transforming the market of cleaning products by making refillable organic powder + tap water products to reduce environmental impact. Their mission is to pioneer a new era of personal and home care by using intelligent innovation and mindful design in each step of the journey.

Clevering is taking the next step in the packaging cycle: personalized packaging and smart waste containers. They aim for a more convenient and efficient packaging cycle for all parties involved.

Fairgrow is an educational solution for a more sustainable way of living. Promoting local farmers in Estonia and reconnecting people to healthy food growing in nature.

Heatsync offers energy consumption and finance optimization for SPA centres. They propose calculation-based energy-saving methods that provide optimal inner climate.

Low imPACK makes unique packaging made of recycled textile waste. They provide a green and customizable solution for e-commerce brands, especially for clothing e-tailers who want to make their business more circular.

Qilowatt it! keeps electricity costs under control by monitoring the electricity exchange price.

SMAGRY is a smart precise fertilization planning platform that implements the best precise agriculture practices that match each crop’s fertilization necessity and soil type.

WasteLocker extracts valuable data from municipal and household bins. Statistics and analysis from the AI-based solution are the core of their business. Gathered information helps to take educated decisions and optimize processes.

Zeropunkt aims to reduce waste. Share a place to stay, surplus food, or any other sharable thing that deserves a second life through their app. Sharing is caring.

Leccy is changing the way street lights are used by turning them into charging stations. Need to run errands or meet some friends? With Leccy You will be able to safely leave your scooter to charge for a couple of hours.

Organipakk is here to change the packaging game. They came up with the first fully biodegradable packaging also suitable for meat products. This was previously believed to be only possible with plastic.

The Rewear Company is a kidswear rental. It makes renting and lending clothes monthly simple and beneficial. Kids grow so fast that clothes get outgrown in a matter of 2-3 months, if not less. By renting instead of buying You can save money, resources, and space in Your wardrobe.

Bariki produces and sells pellets made from horse manure and sawdust.

What do the participants have to say about their Boot Camp experience?

"Our expectations were definitely fulfilled because we met just the right people. It's not only the trainers, who give a lot of good input, but it's also the other participants," says Johannes Tamegger from Organipakk

"It was so cool to see other really meaningful and serious start-ups who care about nature and want to not only find a solution to waste but reevaluate waste," comments Liis Tiisvelt from Low imPACK

Mark your calendars: ClimateLaunchpad Estonian Finals are on the 18th of August.

About ClimateLaunchpad

ClimateLaunchpad is the world's largest green business ideas competition which supports aspiring and promising cleantech entrepreneurs with training, coaching, and networking opportunities. Its mission is to unlock the world’s cleantech potential that addresses climate change. The competition creates a stage for those ideas. It consists of three rounds.

Round 1: Online Course & Boot Camp A National jury selects as many applicants as they wish to participate in an online course. From those who complete the course, 6-8 business ideas per country are selected for participation in ClimateLaunchpad. These teams enter the national multi-day Boot Camp.

Round 2: Intensive coaching and National Finals In the weeks after Boot Camp teams attend six intensive Coaching sessions. After that, they are ready to rock the National Finals where they will pitch in front of the National jury. The Top-3 of each country will enter the next stage of the competition (Regional Finals) or eventually, the Global Grand Final.

Round 3: Global Grand Final At the Global Grand Final, the teams pitch their idea to leading investors and entrepreneurs and an international audience. The jury will select a maximum of 16 finalists to compete for the ultimate win: access to a renowned Accelerator and prize money.

The competition operates on a global scale, currently in over 53 countries including most EU countries, India, African countries, and Australia. It is run by a central team, located in the Netherlands, which is supported by national teams who organize the competition in their country. In Estonia, ClimateLaunchpad is organized by Cleantech Estonia.

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ClimateLaunchpad in Estonia is financed by the Republic of Estonia, KIK (Environmental Investment Centre), and EIT Climate-KIC. Supported also by Gren, Law Firm Hedman, sTARTUp Day, and Beamline Accelerator.