PowerUP Energy Technologies demonstrates the first prototype of their hydrogen cabinet in Munich

September 7, 2021

Press release, 08.10.21 PowerUP Energy Technologies


Estonia-based clean technology start-up, PowerUP Energy Technologies is demonstrating its first prototype hydrogen cabinet at IAA mobility in Munich, which kicked off today. The company is exhibiting this solution in Hall B1 in the startups' area, on stand A215 at IAA Mobility.

Targeted towards campervan owners, sailors and off-grid homes, the cabinet is designed in a way that a customer can install it outside their home, on a harbor or near their off-grid facility as per their convenience. The cabinet can only be unlocked with a security code and can hold up to six 9 litre hydrogen type 4 cylinders at a time. To ensure smooth refilling of these cylinders, PowerUP will collaborate with hydrogen producers across the world. Cabinet owners can use PowerUP’s mobile application to order their hydrogen via just a click of a button on their smartphones.

Proudly commenting on the demonstration, the company’s CEO and founder, Dr. Ivar Kruusenberg said “The idea of a hydrogen cabinet stems from the problem of accessing hydrogen by consumers. This contact-free solution is targeted towards consumers that are using hydrogen technologies such as our UP® smart electric generators and find it cumbersome to find hydrogen. With this solution, we aim to overcome the distribution barrier of hydrogen and bring hydrogen closer, the end-user. To achieve this, we have designed the cabinet in-house in partnership with another Estonian start-up ParcelSea.

The company is confident that it can start accepting orders for these cabinets in early 2022.

About PowerUP Energy Technologies

PowerUP Energy Technologies is a US-Estonian cleantech start-up that produces best-in-class hydrogen fuel cell-based electric generators and proton exchange membrane fuel cells. PowerUP’s technology is based on their co-founders’ 15 years of scientific research in the field of fuel cells and energy technologies. Their generators have diverse use cases in industries such as marine, telecommunication, military, construction, hospitals, off-grid homes, and rescue forces to name a few. UP® product range is sustainable since it only emits water vapor, is compact and lightweight, operates silently, and requires minimal maintenance. Their first commercial product 400W portable generator and they are soon launching 200W, 1kW, and 6kW generators. PowerUP Energy Technologies serves as a sustainable alternative to power generation in today’s world and helps its users in various industries to reach the global net-zero targets.

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