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Our membership offers a chance to be a part of something bigger. Let's ride the cleantech wave together and take the sector to new and exciting places. Learn below what it means to be a member.

What we do

We unite, support and represent cleantech companies that are engaged in the development, commercialization, usage, financing and other ways of supporting products, services and processes that save the environment and climate.

Our members are:
○ Cleantech developers
○ Cleantech users
○ Cleantech financiers

Why we do it

The aim of the association is to increase the success of cleantech companies, enhance the development of a sustainable economy and reduce the negative impacts of the economy on the environment and climate.

Membership benefits

○ Participate in building a supportive regulatory environment
○ Have a stronger shared voice in public-private dialogue
○ Benefit from co-building a strong Estonian cleantech brand for export and foreign investment benefits
○ Benefit of new business opportunities

Becoming a member

Step 1: fill in a short online application
Step 2: we will get in touch with you to answer any questions and formalize your membership

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