Kädi Ristkok

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Business Strategy
Government relations
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About me:

I am a driven and passionate advocate for building a sustainable and fair economy. With my expertise in climate policy, management consulting, and green transition strategies, I have actively shaped policies, advised organizations, and co-founded a green labor union to drive positive change in environmentally friendly sectors.

My ability to bridge sectors and foster collaboration between private, public, and third sectors has been instrumental in driving sustainable development and promoting an inclusive economy. My insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge make me a lifelong learner, constantly seeking opportunities to broaden my understanding of various subjects.

Overall, my multifaceted background, unwavering dedication, and commitment to sustainability position me as an exceptional leader in the cleantech space. I serve as a catalyst for positive change, forging partnerships, and driving the transition towards a more sustainable and fair economy.

Fun fact about me: I’m curious about anything and everything.